Casa 46 is a restaurant-museum, oriented towards a reinterpretation of regional Mexican and Mazatlecan cuisine influenced by the 5 foreign cultures that settled in the destination (French, Spanish, German, Asian and American) as well as exhibiting museology of the different Stages of the port. We offer a personalized service and an extensive wine cellar of more than 140 labels.

Casa 46 pays tribute to the forgers of the city and to those who in some way have contributed talent, effort, work and have given fame and glory to Mazatlan.

The famous Casa Machado, renovated and refurbished with good taste and attention to detail, could not have a better destination than having become the headquarters of Casa 46.

From its entrance you can admire images of distinguished personalities who participated in the socioeconomic development of the state of Sinaloa. The development of Mazatlán and its emblematic zones.

Our Bar, known as The Library, is a unique concept. A canteen with the decoration simulating a library, ideal to watch sporting events or play, poker, domino and drinks with friends while tasting the finest liquors or fabulous mixology options.

Our cava, the carnival hall and the maritime hall honor the different epochs and customs of the Mazatlan culture.

La Terraza, the main jewel of the restaurant, with a spectacular view of the emblematic Plaza Machado, gives us an experience full of romance at all times.