Mexican Fondas

From our Mexican fondas

  • Confit Duck enchiladas

    Confit Duck enchiladas with a black mole sauce.
  • Lobster chimichanga

    Lobster chimichanga, with a creamy chipotle sauce and a side of Mexican rice and refried beans.
  • Grilled veal sweetbread

    Grilled veal sweetbread, with string cheese gratin, poblano strips and homemade corn tortillas.
  • Shrimp and tuna cahuamanta style

    Shrimp and tuna cahuamanta style vegetable stew with yorimuni beansand pork chicharron.
  • Smoked sailfish salpicon infladita

    Smoked sailfish salpicon infladita beans with chicharron prensado and string cheese with chintextle.
  • Sous vide cooked chicken

    Sous vide cooked chicken tapioca with pink mole from taxco and regional squash colache.
  • Zarandeado style red snapper

    Zarandeado style red snapper rice with fresh tomato and grilled peppers and onions.
  • Panucho with roasted pork

    Panucho with roasted pork avocado, pickled onion and sikil pak sauce.

The special ones from Casa 46

  • Roasted octopus

    Roasted octopus potato and chorizo, sautéed bell peppers and morita chili sabayon.
  • Wrapped shrimp

    Wrapped shrimp almond tartare with spicy mayonnaise, dried chili honey, miso and mango.
  • Traditional Cesar salad

    Traditional Caesar salad with prosciutto slices, nuts crouton and kalamata olives tapenade.
  • Roasted beet salad

    Roasted beet salad baby lettuce mix, regional oreado cheese with fennel and green apple vinaigrette.
  • Mushroom cappuccino

    Mushroom cappuccino pistachio brioche and foie gras ganache.

  • Grilled rib eye

    Grilled rib eye pommes anna, roasted cauliflower, butter broccoli and pink pepper sauce.
  • Grilled prime beef tenderloin

    Grilled prime beef tenderloin dried chilis marinate, potato au gratin, roasted asparagus and red wine reduction.
  • Roasted Bass

    Roasted Bass Black risotto, purslane kimchi, asparagus emulsion and bell peppers.
  • Risotto with testihuile

    Risotto with testihuile Shrimp, octopus, squid andmussels sautéed with white wine andYucatan style pickles.
  • Grilled picanha steak

    Grilled picanha steak green beans sautéed with peanuts, roasted corn esquites and creamy potato with chimichurri.
  • Cold-smoked marlin crudo

    Cold-smoked marlin crudo salsa macha with soy and yuzu, pickled seaweed salad, miso mayonnaise and lemon skin with crispy guanajuato jerky.
  • Short ribs terrine

    Short ribs terrine asado a la plaza style wit horeado cheese from el quelite.
  • Fried soft shell crab

    Fried soft shell crab liquid croquette with smoked pork belly, chipotle peanut mole and leek purée.
  • Sinaloa style barbacoa

    Sinaloa style barbacoa chickpeas, puercos style beans and anaheim pepper.
  • Roasted pork belly

    Roasted pork belly plantain purée, recaudo negro and pineapple.
  • Shrimp confit in lobster butter

    Shrimp confit in lobster butter quinoa with bacon, butter broccoli and passion fruit mole.
  • Fermented heirloom tomato salad

    Fermented heirloom tomato salad with homemade burrata, baby lettuce and regional plum vinaigrette.
  • Chili & cheese cream soup

    Chili & cheese cream soup parmesan cheese toast with shrimp, creamy duo of cilantro and ripe jalapeño with esquites.
  • Homemade tagliatelle

    Homemade tagliatelle seasonal mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella cheese and truffle oil.

Urban Cuisine

Urban cuisine, flavors of Mexico

  • Barbecue beef and shrimp taco

    Barbacoa tacos with tempura shrimps.
  • Beef tongue taco

    Beef tongue tacos with purslane and green salsa.
  • Soft tacos

    Tacos de canasta refried beans, potato and mexican sausage and chicharron prensado and accompanied by green and red sauce.
  • Grilled bone marrow with shrimp fritters

    Grilled bone marrow with shrimp fritters accompanied by guacamole, refried beans and trilogy of homemade salsas.
  • Tuna chorizo gorditas with cactus pad ceviche

    Tuna chorizo gorditas with cactus pad ceviche raw miltomate sauce, oreado cheese and bean sauce.
  • Chilorio and pickled octopus tostada

    Chilorio and pickled octopus tostada homemade tostada, hoja santa mayonnaise and creamy habanero ashes.